Monday, June 10, 2013

AdsProfitRewards traning in English

Training in English

Following are the few simple steps to start earning on

1. open a free account here

2. login to your account and click on the daily qualification task on the left top of the page

3. you will see five steps. Follow these five steps to get qualified for the daily cash reward
(takes just 2 minutes it is an adpositng)

you will get 100 free bonus points by creating your account
After 60 days you will get 150 bonus points which will be converted into vip points when you upgrade your account
by 10 dollar you will start earning 2 to 3 dollar per day for the next 90 days.
referral commission is 20%
a forced matrix also exist
now you can upgrade to a bronze membership (dollar 5$) for first 2 months
after 60 days
silver membership(10$), gold membership (dollar 50) and diamond membership (dollar 100)
you will start earning immediately on the next day of your investment
you will earn 2 percent daily of your investment by working out the step 3 above.
you will also getting bonus points which will be converted into VIP points by the 60th day
1 bonus point = 1 VIP point = 1 dollar

for more please visit the link below

AdsProfitReward plan

Adsprofitrewards is a global company offering an exciting  penny auctions while specializing in providing extremely effective advertising to the business owners, great affiliate program is here the growth of the website is very fast and every day thousands of members are joining this great program. There are four type of membership in this great penny auction affiliate program.  

1)Broonze membership.
$5 monthly subscription. 
2)Silver membership.
$10 monthly subscription.
3)Golden membership
$50 monthly subscription. 
4)Diamond membership
$100 monthly subscription